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4 Which New Guard member disrupted the official opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1932, Francis ... (2,5)

8 What do we call the judicial termination of a marriage (7)

9 Which term describes a non-professional person (7)

10 To rush about wildly, is to do what (3,4)

11 Which word relates to the nature of fire (7)

12 What is a company of seven singers (6)

14 Which transparent bodies decompose light into their spectra (6)

18 In which ocean does Fiji lie (7)

21 Name the arbitrator in football matches (7)

22 To act as chairperson, is to do what (7)

23 What is otalgia more commonly known as (7)

24 To have dwelt somewhere for a considerable time, is to have done what (7)


1 What is a place where a person lives, or may be reached (7)

2 Which chambers are used for baking (5)

3 What describes any mammal that includes humans, monkeys, apes, etc (7)

4 Name the Liberal politician who was Australia’s prime minister on three occasions, Alfred ... (6)

5 What is a small hard seed of wheat, for example (5)

6 What are spotted, leopard-like cats (7)

7 Name another term for beginners, or novices (5)

13 What do we call ships that carry mail, passengers and goods regularly on a fixed route (7)

15 Name the Australian pioneer surgeon (17741833), William ... (7)

16 What is an alternative expression for globular masses (7)

17 What is a long speech, or piece of writing (6)

18 Name a Scottish musician (5)

19 Name a popular type of cooked egg (5)

20 What is another term for an armistice (5)





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