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Had extreme views and is found laid out in his vehicle (7)

8 What a creep – so saucy and to lie like that! (7)

9 Found to be harsh like the south wind – the easterly, too (7)

10 How a sailor obtains his goals


11 Look here – find a way to speed up receipt of those awards (7)

12 How a physician might lie to the easily managed (6)

14 There’s something afoot in the desert, Capone! (6)

18 It’s only right to point out the way to get on (7)

21 Became fatty because of his pie and soda intake (7)

22 Can’t see Dee now that the performance is over (7)

23 Please note – Capone and I are in high spirits (7)

24 They’re all at rest and shining brightly (7)


1 Said to be full and round or to get round (7)

2 You have the right to stop it or to play on (5)

3 Generous and politically motivated (7)

4 A motive for retaining one’s sanity? (6) 5 So little Edwin’s had them prescribed? (5)

6 Showed appreciation both here and in December (7)

7 For example, be untruthful to a slave however loyal he may be (5)

13 Heard in church there’s a hole in your vehicle! (7)

15 Takes one skilled worker to make a train in South

Australia (7)

16 As a remedy, Leonard finds cattle fodder advantageous (7)

17 One who deals in the distribution of red art (6)

18 Squeeze them for information (5)

19 It’s the blooming favourite of a gangster (5)

20 To mark it, I see, as being poisonous (5)





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