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UKRAINIAN President Volodymyr Zelensky is expected to meet Pope Francis in the Vatican today, diplomatic sources said, after the pontiff said the Holy See was involved in a peace mission to try to end the war between Russia and Ukraine.

The trip has not been officially announced and the Vatican has given no further information about the initiative.

Zelensky’s office does not release details of his travel plans ahead of time for security reasons.

The Ukranian president is also expected to visit Rome for talks with

Italian President Sergio Mattarella, a spokesman for the latter told AFP yesterday.

News of the visit was first reported by Italy’s Ansa news agency. | AFP and Reuters


PAKISTAN’S former prime minister Imran Khan appeared in court for a bail hearing yesterday.

Supporters of Pakistan’s leader celebrated a surprise victory on

Thursday after the Supreme Court ruled his arrest earlier this week to have been unlawful.

While Khan could still face more legal scrutiny in the days ahead, with multiple other charges against him pending, the court decision constituted a major victory for him.

Khan’s arrest triggered deadly clashes across the country and the political crisis threatens to spiral out of control. |

Australia-china AUSTRALIA’S trade minister flew to Beijing on Thursday on a mission to remove all Chinese import barriers after years of punishing sanctions and unofficial bans.

Trade Minister Don Farrell said he aimed to secure unrestricted commerce with China, Australia’s largest trade partner with a healthy appetite for its vast iron ore and coal resources.

“During my visit, I will be advocating strongly for the full resumption of unimpeded Australian exports to China – for all sectors,” he said yesterday. | AFP





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