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Spur sponsors u-17 Schools Netball

SPUR Steak Ranches has announced its sponsorship of u-17 Schools Netball in South Africa. The sponsorship forms part of Spur’s “commitment to encourage children and families to lead happy and active lifestyles and builds on its existing school sports sponsorships that include rugby and soccer”.

“This sponsorship is our first major investment in women’s sport,” said Vuyo Henda, Spur Corporation’s chief marketing officer. “Netball is without a doubt the number one sport played by women in the country, and we are proud to add Schools Netball to our list of sport sponsorships.

“Our mission is to give every boy and girl the opportunity to shine and reach their full potential with sport. This positive impact ignites joy not just for the athlete, but for the families and entire communities.”

The Spur sponsorship is a multiyear investment focused solely on the u-17 age group.

“This age group represents a very important development milestone.

It’s when athletes put their hands up and start making their mark. We are all about nurturing this passion for the sport,” said Henda.

“We are very happy to welcome Spur to the Schools Netball family,” said Di Woolley, president of South African Schools Netball.

“This sponsorship strengthens our efforts to grow netball at school level and to create the competitive space for the young talent to be developed.”

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