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We have found 18 words that can be made from the letters in the square, each of which uses the letter in the middle and contains at least four letters. We accept plurals but not proper nouns. Sometimes, we don’t publish all the words because of space constraints. We challenge you to beat the score above, and also to make at least one nine-letter word. Occasionally, there are two nine-letter words. If that’s the case give yourself bonus points!

Today’s Target: Good: 6; Very Good: 12; Excellent: 18.

YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION: afire after elfin engraft fail fain faint fainter fair falter FALTERING fane fang fare faring fate fear fearing feat feign feint felt felting feral fern feta feting fiat filar file filer filet filter finagle finagler final finale fine finer finger fire flag flair flan flange flanger flare flaring flat flea flier fling flinger flint flirt flit flite fragile frail fret frigate fringe gift graft grief grift infer inflate inflater infra ingraft leaf leafing left lief life lifer lift lifter naif raft rafting refit reft rife rifle rift trifle





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