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Record company demands public apology from Makhadzi


IT APPEARS that the spat between Open Mic Productions and Makhadzi is far from over as both parties continue to make attention-grabbing revelations.

A week ago, South Africa rallied behind Ndivhudzannyi “Makhadzi” Ralivhona after she said she was exploited by her record company.

The Ghanama hitmaker is embroiled in an “auto-renewal” contract saga which the production company later explains.

In legal documents doing the rounds on social media, Open Mic Productions said the claims made by Makhadzi were false and defamatory, and demanded an apology.

“Your client alleges that she is or was being treated like a ‘slave’ and was not paid a single cent. These allegations are patently false and defamatory.”

The production company further disclosed all payments made to Makhadzi.

“We annex hereto a schedule of some of the payments advanced by our client to yours, totalling an amount of R7 956 084.86 as well as a further payment of R300 000 made by our client to TW Property under the reference ‘Makhadzi House Deposit as annexures A & B’, respectively.

“In light of the above, our client hereby demands an apology and retraction of the aforesaid false, harmful, and defamatory statements, which must be also published through your client’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.”

Makhadzi claimed on social media that she had never received a cent from her album sales.

“I signed with open mic only for three years. In these three years, I dropped 4 albums,” she wrote. “I have never received any cent of my sales. Some of my albums reached platinum some gold.

“And a lot of hit songs that reached platinum and Gold. But I continue to work without complaining.”

In a letter shared by Makhadzi, Open Mic Productions explained the nature of the contract signed, revealing that it was an auto-renewal contract.

“We as Open Mic Productions (the management) are pleased to inform you that we are hereby renewing or extending the contract period for an additional period of three years with effect from the 9th of March 2023 in terms of clause 6.3 of the Management Agreement entered into between yourself and Open Mic Productions (PTY) LTD on the 10th of March 2020,” the letter read.

Despite the record company’s demand, Makhadzi has not yet issued a public apology.

She said that Open Mic Productions would no longer represent her in terms of performance bookings and other related matters.





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