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ACROSS 1 Which weapons are used in fencing (6) 8 Name the landing place for helicopters (8) 9 To which animal group does the jackal belong (6) 10 Name the Islands which form an archipelago as part of Alaska (8) 11 What do we call an official who examines books, films etc, for objectionable parts (6) 13 Name the profession of Charles Lamb (8) 16 Name another term for violent storms (8) 19 What was the former name of Iran (6) 22 What is a woman’s very flimsy dressing-gown (8) 24 Which other word describes a dead body (6) 25 Name another expression for a shopkeeper (8) 26 What is a 25th wedding anniversary called (6) DOWN 2 To which marine mammal group does the dolphin belong (5) 3 Which straps are used by riders to guide horses (5) 4 Name those who cut wool from sheep as a means of livelihood (8) 5 What is a smoke passage in a chimney (4) 6 Which term is descriptive of lack of feeling (6) 7 What are groups of three called (6) 12 Which term describes a mean or average (4) 14 What do we call those believed to be responsible for crime, etc (8) 15 Name a suburb in Sydney’s Upper North Shore, St ... (4) 17 Which figure is the square root of 121 (6) 18 What is a document embodying a contract of insurance (6) 20 Which expression relates to country life (5) 21 Name a less familiar term for one’s progeny (5) 23 What is a score in many ball games (4)