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ACROSS 1 Fodder to go for a long time (6) 8 Took some licking when Dee was upset and in a mad rush (8) 9 He’s cruel and unhappy and it’s disturbing (6) 10 The former writer passed away and was laid out (8) 11 As usual, Coventry provides a retreat for some (6) 12 You join the fellows for a good meal (4) 13 A smaller donkey may be an advantage (5) 16 Yes! Spaniards begin testing their locations (5) 19 You have no right to a lunar bone (4) 21 It acts as if motionless (6) 22 Want a date? They’ll have some for you (8) 23 They lie about the cricketers using the right invigorating substance (6) 24 Initially, Stan Laurel went to pieces causing some to disappear for a while (8) 25 Time of day when a tune is played onboard (6) DOWN 2 They spoke wisely according to some Eastern carols (7) 3 Spied an Adults Only one with Fatty in it (7) 4 Respect show when they see me with those golfing aids (6) 5 That little devil, the alien, joined us on impulse (7) 6 Not pent up about it and suddenly chandelier is in place (7) 7 Heckles some sewers (7) 13 Sad to see it but a race is held in some shopping complexes (7) 14 Must be left confused when you flounder (7) 15 In a rut? In a spin? Here’s food for thought (7) 17 Such language – in the Vatican, too! (7) 18 What if I see Dee in such a large building? (7) 20 Only donkeys point when they tax them (6)