Contract: Opening Lead: NORTH EAST Recommended Line:



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WEST ♠5 Q J T 9 Q853 8763 A9 8 2 8 4 2 AJ 9 K Q5 SOUTH QJ T 7 6 3 A K 5 T 2 4 2 4♠ by South K4 7 6 3 K 7 6 4 AJ T 9 ♥Q. What is your plan?* You see four possible losers, one per suit. If you follow the “draw trumps at the first opportunity” school of thought, trouble could be brewing. If the trump finesse loses to East, a heart comes back, and defeat is basically inevitable. The loss of an early trump gives the defenders too much momentum. If East wins a trump trick, you want to have taken care of your losers before that happens. Here is the way. At trick two, play the ♦T. If not covered by West, play low. East wins, and returns a heart. This removes your last layer of heart protection. Now lead a diamond to the ♦J, and, if that wins, you throw a heart on the ♦A. Next, ruff a heart, and finesse in spades. East wins, as it happens, but the defenders’ heart trick has vanished in the wind.