In Singapore, it’s illegal to be naked in your hotel room




African News Agency


SO BEING naked can land you in jail. Although guests like to relax more than they would in their homes, especially when on holiday or on their honeymoon, in Singapore it’s illegal to be naked in your hotel room. According to reports, if you are seen or “caught” naked in your hotel room you will be fined If someone reports you, you could get a $2 000 (about R36 000) fine, or spend three months in jail. While it may seem wild and unnecessary to the rest of us, it’s the norm under the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act (Mopona) as it’s considered “obscene and lewd”. Therefore it’s important to keep curtains closed when you want to “free the willy”. According to US Sun, a man was fined $2 600 after he was spotted naked in his own flat. The neighbours reported the incident. There are other ways that can land you in hot water too, such as chewing gum, feeding wild animals, and stealing someone’s wi-fi – it’s tough! And leave your vapes at home: vaping is not allowed. Singapore isn’t the only country banning it, more than 35 countries have strict rules banning it. Thatssaid, be sure to do your research before choosing your holiday destination!