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12 Months Weekends (auto-renewed)R 137.8052 days
1 Month Weekdays + Weekends (auto-renewed)R 63.6024 days
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6 Months Weekdays + Weekends (auto-renewed)R 413.40156 days
12 Months Weekdays + Weekends (auto-renewed)R 826.80312 days
1 Month Saturday Only (auto-renewed)R 11.404 days
3 Months Saturday Only (auto-renewed)R 37.0513 days
6 Months Saturday Only (auto-renewed)R 74.1026 days
12 Months Saturday Only (auto-renewed)R 148.2052 days
1 Month Monday - Saturday (auto-renewed)R 68.4024 days
3 Months Monday - Saturday (auto-renewed)R 222.3072 days
6 Months Monday - Saturday (auto-renewed)R 444.60144 days
12 Months Monday - Saturday (auto-renewed)R 889.20288 days

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About Us

Independent Media is one of South Africa’s leading multi-platform content companies. Our stable of fine, quality publications include 20 of the country’s most prominent newspapers. The mood shifts on Saturday, and Pretoria News Weekend offers a more leisurely read. It consists of a compelling mix of news and background features, previews of the major sporting action on the weekend, top horse racing tips from our award winning tipster, and a review of the week in brief. Readers with a busy Saturday will find all the information they need in this edition, which also offers three very popular supplements: the Travel supplement, the Good Weekend and Personal Finance. Target market: people living and working in Pretoria and Tshwane.